Sensitive, experienced, and complete women's care

you can count on for life!

Thomas G. Lee, DO

Founder, Lee Obstetrics & Gynecology

Choosing your Ob/Gyn - it's one of the most important decisions you'll make.  Because it can be about more than seeing a new doctor.

With Dr. Tom Lee, you'll have a partner in your lasting good health. Dr. Lee combines his medical expertise with the involved, collaborative care our patients value.

At Lee Obstetrics & Gynecology, you'll also get a positive medical care experience. Our team loves what we do, and we look forward to being a help to you in every way.

"I chose to go into medicine because I wanted to use my abilities to help others. Obstetrics and gynecology combine everything I love about being a doctor...the medical and scientific aspects and the personal side, as well. I enjoy getting to know my patients, to educate them about their health, and to create a partnership with them that they can rely on.

"I feel that being a caring, sensitive person helps me be a better physician. I always consider how I'd want my wife or children to be treated in a medical situation. I keep that in mind and give you the same attention and thoughtful care I'd want for them.

"You matter to each of us at my office, and it shows in everything we do. Our team is friendly, responsive and focused on your needs. I'm proud to have their help in caring for you. I feel the personal attention we offer and the great service and comprehensive care we provide make us a unique women's health practice. We deliver the level of care and patient experience we know you deserve."
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